Aeonian Bricks

Your home houses a beautifully maintained yard but what can be more frustrating than driving into a weathered and cracked driveway which otherwise can do wonders in giving face lift to your home. Planning for a driveway project can be a relatively simple affair but if you wish to make this path as elegant and classy as your lawn then what could be a better way than opting for block paving to give that perfect first impression.

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Block Paving -- All You Need to Know

A method through which individual bricks can be placed over a sub-base which is usually a graded bed of dirt or sand is known as Block Paving. This new and innovative brick form that has air holes present in it is formed by mixing small dyes, stone hardcore, cement and sand in varying amounts. This gives the required durability and flexibility to these bricks that enables them to be lift up and replaced as and when required explaining the reason why block paving has gained prominence in the construction industry and sets the tone for looking into the benefits associated.

Easy installation and Maintenance Underneath

Because each brick in block paving is hand laid, it becomes extremely easier to remove the individual blocks at the time of performing some underneath maintenance. If you have used a proper mesh layer, a durable sealant and a good sub base compactor at the time of initial construction of the driveway then the upgrading of this way can be a very cost effective solution.

Myriad Designs to Choose From

When it comes to choosing the design that is in accordance with the looks of your home and your budgetary considerations, block paving can offer you both. You can not only choose from a variety of designs but also create one. This design can be further enhanced with the help of edgings and kerbings for that ideal finish.

Reprocessing and Reinstatement

Hardstanding areas can be restored and sectional removal can be done with the help of block paving. Moreover all this can be done while using the original blocks and materials that doesn't leave any proof of repair. The ability to recycle these blocks adds to the environmental friendly credentials of these blocks.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Purposes

From areas which come under some heavy duty work like container stack yards, industrial units , pavements for airports to projects dealing with hard landscaping and light traffic residential areas, block paving is suitable for all. Moreover the blocks can also be used in association with concrete flags that are precast along with different sizes to offer a variety that can is characterized by unfailing surface attributes.

Durability of the Blocks

Being resistant to the effects of most chemicals adds to the durability and strength of these blocks as they are tested regularly for weathering, abrasion, splitting and slid resistance. This supplies the required confidence to the user as well as the supplier in this form of pavement.

Block paving will give your home and driveway a genuine kerb appeal and an elegant look but it also represents a durable and extremely practical solution that will stand the test of time.