Goals and Strategies

The goal of this business is to become the premiere building material in the United States. The product is easy to make and is superior to other building materials in every way. The raw materials are readily available almost everywhere in the U.S. The “Environmental” and “Green Building” movements are here to stay and the homes we build can set the standard for “building green”. We can no longer afford to build throw away buildings or waste vast amounts of energy heating and cooling them.

Homeowners insurance can not be bought for any price in several areas of the country. A homeowner buying a new home today and getting a 30 year mortgage will spend more money on repairs and upkeep of the home over the life of the mortgage, than he spent on the original price of the home. A homeowner must paint the home every three to five years, install a new roof every 15 years, replace water heaters, air conditioners, broken water pipes, windows, doors, etc. It adds up fast. Our homes will employ tankless water heaters, water conditioners so the pipes will not fill with corrosion, limestone, etc., strong energy efficient windows, solid vinyl clad doors, plastic baseboards and trim and eventually employ wind and solar systems to make the homes zero energy!

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