Why are the bricks so energy efficient ?

The energy savings on homes built with the bricks will be huge. The actual insulating value of any material is based on its resistance to the transmission of heat or cold applied to one side of the wall. Heat always moves to cold, hence, mass has an impact on this rating system, but there is no factor used to calculate mass ratings and variables when rating building products for insulating value. Resistance to heat and cold is the only factor taken into account when an R rating is given. When thermal mass is added to the calculation, our bricks outperform every other type of building material used today. As stated before, these codes are being re-written because of all the new products that have come out in the past few years that have proved energy savings, but had low R-ratings.

Are the bricks good for the environment?

Our bricks offer a new concept in building where the raw materials (dirt and clay) are “GREEN” and abundant almost everywhere. The process for making the bricks requires less energy than any other type of building material, making the manufacturing process “GREEN”. Energy consumption is greatly reduced which will help “GREEN” the environment. The chemicals we use to waterproof the clay are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. These qualities alone would make our bricks stand out among other building materials but the list of advantages goes much further. There is absolutely nothing in our brick that would produce an odor or emit any type of fume or gas. In addition, they eliminate many of the products in the home that do have a detrimental effect on the environment. No trees have to be cut, no gypsum has to be mined for drywall and the amount of cement is drastically reduced.

What makes Aeonian Bricks waterproof?

The clay in our bricks is treated with a non toxic, environmentally friendly chemical that neutralizes the polarity of the clay molecule, making the clay essentially waterproof because there is no electrical charge to attract and hold the water molecule.

What are the costs compared to standard construction materials?

Using our system, the home will be built faster and the contractor will make more profit selling the home for the same price as conventional frame homes in the area. In the first few years, contractors may be able to sell these homes at a premium because of supply and demand. There is no price per brick at this time because we will be selling a building system and home prices vary from one area to another.

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