Where can I get these bricks to build my own home with?

  By licensing contractors to use our system, which includes the bricks, we can ensure that the home is built right, without shortcuts. A member of our company will inspect and certify every home built. We will initially have 5 to 10 models to choose from 1,500 to 4,000 sq ft.  New models will be added every month. As home designers become familiar with how our product is used and the standards we require in the other components of the home, thousands of models will be available. Also, any custom home plan can be converted to use our bricks.

What holds the bricks together?

Mortar is the weakest part of a concrete block or brick home. We use a construction adhesive which bonds to the brick, not just sticks to it. Once the bricks are glued together, they form a monolithic wall, much like a poured concrete wall

Why do we have to use your building system?

An example; a contractor buys bricks from us to build a home with no restrictions. He installs a wood truss roof system rated for 110 mph wind pressures. The roof will now blow off in a hurricane or tornado, burn in a fire, be susceptible to termites and mold and the home will have a lower insulating value. The walls would still be standing but the home would be effectively destroyed. This is why we want the contractors to stick to our building system.

How soon can I build my home with Aeonian bricks?

We are going to start licensing contractors early next year. All contractors will be required to certify through Aeonian Bricks before being licensed.

Aeonian Bricks

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