About Us

Aeonian Brick Homes is a South Carolina based Brick Manufacturing Company and it’s New Flagship product is an amazing new clay-based interlocking brick that is water resistant, fireresistant, insect-resistant , soundresistant, mold and mildew-resistant, insulates the home, saves energy and best of all, it’s the Greenest construction material that exist on the market today.
Don Blalock  Founder of Aeonian Brick Homes, LLC, and inventor of the Aeonian Brick has been a contractor for 35 years. He has been involved in the research and development of this new brick for the past eight years.
Don started out to develop an interior wall system that would be waterproof, since 70% of all homeowner insurance claims are for water damage. As the research progressed, Don realized the other amazing properties his new brick had, and decided to manufacturer the brick as a new, green building material.

Our interlocking design and shape is what allows us to build a wall that can withstand hurricane force winds. There is no building product on earth that is “Greener” than our bricks because up to 90% of the brick is made of dirt and clay.

The finished home has no wood, stucco, drywall or added insulation, so toxic and environmentally sensitive building materials are eliminated. The finished home looks no different than every other house in the neighborhood.
Using a special adhesive on the bricks is much like welding metal, the weld becomes stronger than the material it is holding together. This fact along with the interlocking shape is why a wall built with our bricks can resist high winds. We have the only waterproof, interlocking brick in the United States.

Aeonian Brick Homes is the only brick manufacturer in the United States that produces a waterproof, interlocking brick. The bricks will be sold to homebuilders and contractors throughout the United States as part of a complete green home building system, which will include a new roofing system, with the same advantages as the walls.

Frank Lloyd Wright changed the face of residential architecture forever. In 1991 The American Institute of Architects named Frank Lloyd Wright as the greatest American architect of all time.

Aeonian Brick Homes will change the residential construction industry forever.

Please read over our information throughout our website and if you have any questions, or need additional information, contact us at info@aeonianbricks.com